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Christmas Party

2014 Christmas Party

Our 2014 Christmas Party was held  at Hanson Park Elementary in Chicago. It was a great success and 2015 is in the planning stages already.

Interested in donating to the Christmas Party Fund or supplying plush?  Call the office today!  $500 donations will earn you or your firm a place on the Noble & Kitti Case Christmas Fund plaque to assure future events.

Did You Know, in November of 1946, Brother Nat Green suggested that the SLA host a Christmas Party for underprivileged children. The members talked to the Ulrich Home, an orphanage in Chicago and arrangements were made for Christmas Eve at one of the banquet rooms in the Sherman Hotel. Buses were arranged for and before they knew it, donations of $560.00, 2 clowns and 10 turkeys had come in to the League Office. This was the beginning of the wonderful tradition that The Showmen's League of America hosts each year for mentally and physically challenged and underprivileged children.

Did You Know that in 1946 we entertained 250 children at the Christmas Party and last year, in 2013, we were proud to entertain over 1,500 children. In addition to live performance entertainment we provide each child with toys, cotton candy and popcorn. Over the years children from orphanages, low income boys and girls clubs, Mt. Olivet Home for children with special needs and Chicago area schools that specialized in challenged children have been entertained by the League at the holiday season.

Past parties have been held at the Sherman Hotel, the SLA League Rooms, The Medinah Temple, Chicago Union Halls and presently the party is held at the Hanson Park Elementary School. The school gymnasium is decorated as a circus tent and we provide up to 3 shows to accommodate all the children in the school. The shows include magic, circus, singing, dancing and a special appearance of Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph.

Thank you to our Sponsors and Volunteers


2015 SLA Volunteers at the show included


Peter Kasin, Co-Chair

Donnie Massie III Co-Chair

Paul Kasin, 2015 President

Ryan Vawter

Rick Haney

Dennis Voss

Bob Souza

Bob Crist

Bob Thorson

Mary Johnson

Bill Johnson

Fr. John Vakulskas

Jean Brake

Dave jaros

Patty Grillion

Sondra Stutzman

Jackie Kasin

Joe Zumsteg

Jeff Blomsness

Paul Johnson

Pastor Dan Woodward

Kevin Kasin

Stephanie Schon

Diane Burmeister

Cotton Candy workers ; Betty Reynolds, Toni Booker, Jeannie Brake, Freddie Levision, Carla Totgieter, Elsie  Totgieter and Bambi Nel

And many more who contributed or helped before, during and after.



Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors

Ideal Toys

Classic Toys

National Prize and Toys

Peek A Boo Toys

Toy Factory

Chestnut Apparel

Fare Foods/Porter Foods

Gold Medal

Wayne’s Pizza

Fundways Of Illinois

Don Massie Sr.

Hanson Park School

Rhode Island Novelty


And a special thank you to Giovanni Zoppe for sponsoring the children's Christmas party at the Hanson Park Elementary School. His performance is “outstanding” every single year! And once again thank you to everyone who makes this possible. We couldn’t do it without every one of YOU!

Entertainers included:

Nino Zoppe

Christmas Cowboy Kevin




Wire Molly,Tech

Sing Along:



Sound tech, Aaron


Clown Oliver

Character Actress Lyra

Lois, Hand Balancing, Spring and Family,






Bobby Hunt.

Thank You for all your help the kids love you guys.