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Due to the fire of 2001 many of the League’s records were lost. We highly recommend searching old Billboard magazines at Google Books. Clicking on the 'Advanced Book Search' button will allow you to tailor your search to a specific time period.

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President:        Dale Merriam

1st VP:             Paul Kasin

2nd VP:            Ron Porter

3rd VP:             Debbie Powers



Chaplain: Fr. John Vakulskas

Counsel: Ronald Heftman

Parliamentarian: Ronald Burback

Secretary: Joe Burum

Treasurer: John W. Hanschen


Secretary Emeritus: Robert Drewke



Christopher T. Atkins

Sam Johnston

Donnie Massie III

Mike Featherston

Jean Ann Claire

Jimmy Drew

Tom Davis

Ron Burback

Claire Morton

Jeff Blomsness

2014 Board of Governors 

Paul Atkins                       2015

Gary Bohlander                2014

Sharie Davis                     2014

Patty Grillion                    2015

Rick Haney                       2015

Robert Hauser                   2014

Wendy Hauser                  2015

Ronald Heftman               2015

Barry Jamieson                 2014

Dave Jaros                        2015

Mary Johnson                   2015

Gordon Johnston              2014

Peter Kasin                       2015

Jeff Lapin                         2015

Jeanne McDonagh            2014

Theresa Noerper               2014

Brandon Petree                 2014

Graham Putnam                2015

Pat Repp                           2015

Stan Rozmin                     2014

Andy Schoendienst           2014

Lorelei Schoendienst        2015

Renate Skinner                 2015

Jay Strates                        2014

Sondra Stutzman              2014

Tom Thebault                   2014

Robert Thorson                 2015

Dominic Vivona Jr           2014

Julie Gemar-Williams      2015

Michael Wood                  2014